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TIS improvise your business process 

TIS architect cloud computing and digital transformation


fine tune industry specific needs to shape a business vision for perpetual value, and to accelerate growth in digital environment

TIS data mining helps industry specific results swiftly

best industry practise advocates contemporary organisations that focus on transforming culture and building capabilities during a transformation are 2.5 times more likely to succeed

TIS is future ready always team networked

no single organization can create a sustainable future so an ecosystem approach must be adopted and to acheive this goal requires moving from mitigation to regeneration, from a reactive mindset of “doing less” harm” to a proactive mindset of “doing more good

Five Spheres with One Mission of 100% Digital fucntional process

Digital transformation is the initial act that sets the stage for all subsequent business growth for orgainsations . Without investing in digital business transformation, orgainsations however mighty  will swiftly  become obsolete.


trending technology support 

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Technocrats with hands on Experience

talent pool

Join us  TIS for pursuing goals 


TIS for contemeporary reserach work 

Quality audit

Complaince of test standards as per global norms 


Cloud mining  AI  IOT Technology consulting

” at least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies “



core values we adhere @ TIS 

TIS provides

best industry practise advocates Contemporary Organisations that focus on transforming culture and building capabilities during a transformation are 2.5 times more likely to succeed.

TIS believes

“with out the kinetic transformation of information and data into knowledge via meaningful interpretation we risk starving for knowledge “


TIS secures

Strictly adheres to Quality Management standards practises

Secure by design solution can empower businesses to combat sophisticated threats and drive purposeful growth at speed and scale. 


TIS create quality digital process so you can focus on your Business

Digital flow is streaming and growing stronger than ever. Being apart and make it inspires to every field of communities is our mission to transform this world better.

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TIS performances endorsed  

as NGO with 12000 member base we serve underprivileged education needs in down south of India in tamilnadu and our liasion with Trust Infosys helps our functional process in cloud computing  to aceheive swift result

Dr. R. Kanthaiah

YP Trust

As contractors and consultants with project exports we require trending technology to stay ahead and in this process Trust Infosys Incorporation work came as handy .. Wish technocrats in TIS all the best 



Our bilinugal media portal deserves attention 24×7 and TIS team helps us with design and maintanece of digital data Just in time and with neglible outage .. Cheers TIS team  

Special Correspondent

Splco media

TIS assists us in our mission acheivement with their custom made data analaytics software services with Industry specific solutions . Appreciate young techroacts at TIS .. Keep moving

Dr. Kuttan

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