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Trust Infosys Incorporation helps energy consumption because Paper production is energy-intensive, requiring large amounts of energy to heat water, run machinery, and transport materials. 

The use of fossil fuels in the production of paper contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

Trust Infosys Incorporation helps to improvise Water usage because the production of paper requires large amounts of water, which can strain local water resources and contribute to water pollution if not properly managed. 

Trust Infosys Incorporation helps to resuce use of chemicals that is harful to environemnt .  It is to be noted the production of paper involves the use of a variety of chemicals, many of which can be toxic and harmful to human health and the environment. 

These chemicals can contaminate air, water, and soil, and can pose risks to wildlife and human health.

Trust Infosys Incorporation helps Deforestation because the primary raw material for paper production is wood from trees, which contributes to deforestation and habitat loss. 

It is also to be noted Forests play an important role in mitigating climate change and maintaining biodiversity, so deforestation has wide-ranging environmental impacts.

Trust Infosys Incorporation helps to reduce waste . It it to be noted the production of paper also generates waste, including water waste, solid waste, and air pollution. This waste can be difficult to manage and can harm the environment if not properly disposed of.


Trust Infosys Incorporation helps its clients 10  ways through which they can reduce their use of paper:

Digital communication: 

Encourage the use of digital communication methods such as email, online file sharing, and virtual meetings.

Electronic document storage: 

Store documents electronically, using cloud-based storage solutions, and eliminate the need for printed copies.

Double-sided printing: 

Encourage employees to print on both sides of a sheet of paper to reduce paper usage.


Move to electronic invoicing to reduce the need for printed invoices.

Digitize forms: 

Move to digital forms and online submissions to eliminate the need for paper forms.

Remote work: 

Implement remote work policies to reduce the need for printed materials in the office.

Green procurement policies: 

Implement policies to prioritize purchasing paper products made from recycled materials and produced using environmentally responsible methods.

Employee education: 

Educate employees on the environmental impact of paper production and the importance of reducing paper use.

Reduce paper-based reporting: 

Replace paper-based reporting with electronic reporting systems to reduce paper usage.

Recycling programs: 

Implement comprehensive recycling programs to reduce waste and increase recycling rates.

By implementing these strategies, Trust Infosys Incorporation helps its clients to   reduce their use of paper and minimize their environmental impact, while also improving efficiency and reducing costs.

ESG not confine to components of  environment and social alone but includes its Goverenance