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with out the kinetic transformation of information and data into knowledge via meaningful interpretation we risk starving for knowledge


TIS enables its clients by allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied, using blockchain technology (BCT) created the backbone of a new type of internet.

BCT once implemented , it eradicates Fee-processing middle man, the need for the match-making platform.

How TIS assist BCT to cut middle men..

Ebooks could be fitted with blockchain code. Instead of Amazon taking a cut, and the credit card company earning money on the sale, the books would circulate in encoded form and a successful blockchain transaction would transfer money to the author and unlock the book.

Transfer ALL the money to the author, not just meager royalties.

You could do this on a book review website like Goodreads, or on your own website. The marketplace Amazon is then unnecessary. Successful iterations could even include reviews and other third-party information about the book.

PwC has developed a list of criteria that organisations can use to see if the problem they are trying to address could be solved by blockchain:

Do multiple parties share data?
Are interactions time sensitive?
Is there a requirement for verification?
Do intermediaries add complexity?
Are interactions time sensitive?
Do transactions interact?

“If you answer yes to four out of six of these criteria, then it shows blockchain could be a good idea,”

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