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1) My Member ID gives me what rights ?!

Your member ID permits your rights to access / revisit your data and perform any edit or upload revised documents that may be if any required by your community partner Yadavar Peravai.

2) My member ID data privacy is protected ?!

Yes your Member  ID entrusts your data privacy under the DIGITAL PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION ACT, 2023 , Government of India and for more details  kindly visit the link  https://truinfosys.com/tisroot-tc/

3) My Member ID located in app / software is secured ?!

Yes your Member  ID ensures double safety  protected by periodical & stringent audits performed under International Standard inclusive of ISO / IEC 5055 – 2021 (E) for Software Quality measurement  

4) My Member ID access time and location restriction if any applicable ?!

Using your digital ID you can log in any time and any part of the world  . We have licensed agreement with  cloud sever supported by  Firebase (Google Cloud) 

5) Who are the Organisation behind TISROOT app ?!

digital migration era for managing paperless administration powered by TISROOT – a registered cloud computing ERP app product of Trust Infosys Incorporation  – a startup India  venture accredited  by Government of India  . For further details kindly visit https://www.truinfosys.com 

6) What is Minimum Hardware Requirement for Android to operate TISROOT app ?

To operate TISROOT one should have not less than   Android Version : Nougat 7 RAM Memory : 4 GB  ; Processor : 2-Cores

7) In case of any complaints with my Member ID how can I address my grievances ?!

Yadav Bhavan,           

Old No. 16, New No. 33, East Ramanathan Salai,

Egmore, Chennai 600031

Contact No : 9444134142 / 044 28191555

Email : yadavarperavai@gmail.com