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digital consulting

Our approach combines hands-on training and role modeling during projects, along with immersive learning experiences outside of the office. Our programs are flexible and tailored to your organization’s needs whether you’re building new skills within your digital teams, or undertaking a full transformation. In addition to our focus on building clients’ digital capabilities, we take […]


Phonepe architecture

Date:18/7/21Time:-10:15am-11:00amPhone pe Platform of phone pe: They designed their own platform inspired from the android operating system. The entire platform is designed with two core principles – Centralise & Stabilize and Distributed Architecture Centeralise and stabilize: Centralizing the components allows us to invest more time on problems and lets us devise a sustainable solution. This approach allows us to […]


Review Form

This ISO QMS Record is property of Trust Info Systems, Reproduction by copying or usage of coined texts in this document should be done with prior written permission only and any such violations if found then may be subject to legal, professional or other privilege or may be otherwise protected by other legal rules. – […]